Picture of the day – Katana


The kah-ta-nah sword which is often referred to “samurai sword” is a type of  Japanese sword.  Any single sided Sword is called a Katana. The Katana sword is  usually curved with a length of about  23.5 inches. This type of sword has been commonly associated with the samurai’s of Japan and is renowned for its sharp and cutting ability. The Katana originated in the Muromachi period 1392–1573) […]


Picture of the day – Samurai


The samurai’s were Japanese elite warriors.  The samurai’s played a very important role in the 12th century wars between the Taira and Minamoto clans. In the  Tokugwawa regime, the samurai were the only people allowed to carry swords. The word samurai originated in the pre Heian period and is derived from the Japanese word saburau, meaning to serve or attend. In the early rule of the samurais the word yumitori (“bowman”) was […]

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