Pin Heel Surfer – SCANDAL


Was hoping it would be like the first few rock songs that Scandal first took out unfortunately it just seems more of a pop song.


Scandal Nanka Buttobase – SCANDAL


Like the song but its not as good as their older ones. I like the cute dancy thing they do while they singing but I think there is too much going on in the actual PV. Its a bit cheesy lol. Love the girls though and think they rock! Members: HARUNA: Vocal & Guitar Born: […]


Namida No Regret – SCANDAL


These girls are cute! As always Scandal are awesome and they have awesome MV’s.


After Time Passes – Baek Ji Young


This song is a total different genre from her last song. Its not fast its more of a slow, beautiful, smooth ballad. Her voice is really amazing I dislike clowns but I like this song and the MV goes pretty well with it.  Even though more people are interested in Baek Ji Youngs scandal..=_=  I believe people should forget about it […]


Taiyou To Kimi Ga Egaku Story – SCANDAL


Recently Scandal have become really popular and no surprise really because they rock! Their music is awesome and they are all so pretty. They all have pretty decent vocals but can play their own instruments awesomly. They just look so cool in this video *_* I like their outfits and the cute dancing they do. […]

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