Girls’ Generation – I got a boy


The girls are looking so pretty and I really like their style in this video. They really suit it. I actually am not fond of the song right now. It is all over the place. I feel like am listening to so many different songs which go from hiphop, pop and ballad. The dancing is […]


Girls’ Generation – The boys


I cannot believe the song has already hit 1 milion. I have to admit that I do not like the song on my first listen but am really hopping that after a few more replays it will grow on me.


SNSD – Bad girl


SNSD – Taxi


Did not like this song when it first came out but it is growing on me. They remind me of morning musume for some reason. I did hope they would have an actual concept. The song is also very clearly auto tuned but I guess the girls look nice and I love the dance.


Girls’ Generation – Hoot


I got to say I love the MV a lot! Its so cool and they look sexy without trying so hard. Am loving the whole concept though the song is good but I like the MV more. It will get catchy though I can feel it. But how cute did they all look!! I need […]


Shoujo Jidai – Gee


Yay! Waa so cute! Its a bit diffrent from the Korean one of course but it still has the same cuteness. I love it.  This really makes me happy, its my favorite SNSD song. You also have SHINee Minho in this MV just like the korean version. Picture via Official promo


Trax – Oh My Goddess


Seohyun is really a goddess, shes beautiful.( Sigh)  Trax used to have four members before, Rose who from what i remmber was very popular and right now his also in the Korean drama My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox and was in Pasta. His a really pretty person >_<  The second band member who left was Attack […]


SNSD – Genie


I love these girls. I know they have many antis or whatever but honestly since the first time I heard them Ive had to get my hands on most of their songs. They amazing and they have amazing legs. This is the Japanese version of their Korean song Genie. I must say its weird not […]

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