Fahrenheit – Super Hot

Fahrenheit (2)

Oh my god, I have missed these guys and I haven’t heard from them since…well last year. I love these guys, I cant even pick my favourites from all of them. Anyway this video is just what it was called, Super hot. They all look so hot, though at the end of the video it was like, […]


Ji Mo Ji Mo Jiu Hao – Hebe


This is a really sad song. =( Yet so beautifully sang by Hebe from S.H.E. A really nice Video as well and Hebe looks as pretty as ever even when she is being sad. One of those songs that you put on repeat. Translation Maybe because of myself For losing liters of tears, has become […]


Hebe – Love


She is amazing and I have always adored the S.H.E girls.


Wan Ai Zhi Tu – Jolin Tsai


Intresting song and I think the video is really good and I love the car and what she is wearing, HOT HOT HOT! xD


Mei Ren Ji – Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai

Okay sog but nice MV. I like her dancing, its pretty diffrent. Jolin Tsai is known as the Taiwanese Britney Spears


Huai Le – Zhang Yun Jing


A nice song and I also got the shock of my life when I realised “he” is a “she”. I guess she looks really manly and her voice is also pretty masculine but really she has amazing vocals. Apparently she has done many projects already. Finishing first in the first season of the Taiwan talent […]


Hei Se Yue Liang – Rainie Yang

rainie+yang (1)

Really, really like the background music to this song. Its so enchanting and sad.  Rainie has grown up a lot in this music video since I’ve seen her. The last time I watched her was in the drama Miss no Good. I know she’s been in more dramas then that one but in this drama she was still playing her cute […]


Ai Shang Ni – S.H.E


Yay a Taiwanese song from S.H.E I love these girls they so pretty. This song is sweet and the video is very nice to.  I love Ella. Its been a long time since I have watched any Taiwanese drama or even heard a song from any of the bands. I guess I got more into […]

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