A Change

Hello everyone

It has been a long time coming but I believe it is time my website needs a change of color. So I was hoping that my readers would suggest a color that they would prefer more.  Please leave me feedback in the comment section. Also anything else that you would like to see changed or any other suggestions would also be welcome =)


Thank you everyone =) xxx




  1. Hey Rose~

    I say go for a bold wintery theme. Like blues, whites, & blacks. However, keep it girly. That or go for a cafe look. Whatever that is.

    Good luck XD~

  2. I definitely think it’s a good idea to go with seasonal colours, change the colour to suit every season. It’s a simple yet very effective plan that fashion designers go with as well as advertisers.
    Come new year why don’t you refresh and try a whole new layout?~ ~ keeps things interesting and a good logo is what people remember… Good luck, merry christmas and FIGHTING!! <3

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