Just finished eating the yummiest fish ever. So Yum. I am on a diet, its going well but slowly meh. Anyway the weirdest thing  happened yesterday.

I went shopping with my friend. Got a pretty lilac nail polish and some other random things. I don’t even know where my money went. O_o We went to eat at Nandos.  Its a Portuguese restaurant, super yummy. I ordered half a chicken if you are interested. xP Next time I’ll take pictures for you guys but I need to get a nice camera first. Any suggestions on a nice Camera?

Sitting down at a table the lady sitting next to me kept looking at me weirdly. Now I don’t know if this happens to you but I never know anyone and they always seem to know me.  I always forget peoples faces and names, it kind of annoys them sometimes but I  don’t do it on purpose. They will be waving at me and I will be like …Uh what? Who are you?

Anyway Me and my friend were waiting for our food, then the lady looked at me and this is how our conversation went:

Lady: I know you

Me: (huh) Pardon? You know me? (wow I have such good replies =_=)

Lady: Yeah I have seen you.

Me:….(holy crap I have a stalker) oh.. where from?

Lady: From Aria’s wedding, I recognized you.

She then proceeded to tell me that my friend is now six weeks pregnant. I was like OMG. The women was apparently at my friends wedding but I can’t even remember her. I mean yeah lots of people were at the wedding but she still recognized me. I never really thought of myself of having a kind of face that everyone remembers. In one way it is a good thing because it would mean that well I have a unique face…>.> not ugly >.> <.<

Am still shocked that my friend is pregnant. I have known her through High school. She is really really pretty and I bet her baby is going so cute waaa. She is like 21 so pretty young. Super adorable, hehehe. I don’t think that lady was suppose to tell me about the pregnancy really because my friend has not told me yet which is kind of  upsetting but I hope she will tell me later. But waaa so cool I want to throw her a baby shower!! *_*

Hope you are well! 😉

All pictures via weheartit

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