“You are so ugly” said the boy. This was not actually the first time someone called me ugly. At that moment I brushed it aside pretending I really don’t care what people think about me. Except I did.

I went to an all girls high school. Yes there were moments when girls could be mean such as the time when some of the girls rated everyones look. But I was happy with myself and so very confident.

College changed that. Everyone cared about how they looked especially to the oppisite sex. Me? Not so much but with comments like what that boy said my confidence became non existant.

Am not a conventional asian beauty. Am much taller, curvier, have small full wierd lips with big eyes. In other words I look pretty wierd to a lot of people. You only notice how diffrent you are when people keep pointing it out.

I guess looking at other people and wishing you look like them never helps. I am also friends with some of the most beautiful people I have known and when am with them I feel plain especially because I have never thought am pretty enough. >_

My point of this post is that today while I was thinking of some of the lowest points in my life I realised that being told am ugly has made me hate myself and how I look.

I wanted to be beautiful. I want people to look at me and say wow but today I looked at myself and knew something. It does not matter. It does not matter what people think about my looks or yours for that matter because you know what? The truth is not everyone will find us beautiful. Everyone’s beauty standard is diffrent. I may not fit into everyone’s idea of beautiful but it’s okay because I have finally accepted myself.

I am diffrent and am going to make this “wierdness” work for me. Screw people who think am not pretty. Am finally happy with how I look. It has been a long time coming. Am going to be happy. Looking diffrent is beautiful. You are beautiful and just because someone called you names does not mean you are not!

Accept everyone, never judge and most of all be happy with who you are because it will make your life wonderfull :-)



  1. Right on! Took me a while to get over all that myself. =3 People are a bunch of meanies. =P

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