Worldwide Tears and Prayers.

Today all my problems feel so insignificant. I love Japan. I was hoping to go there this year, Always begging my parents to take me to that beautiful country. Japan’s people, culture, food and everything. Its something that brought so much joy to me. Now am praying hard for the one country that’s always been in my heart.

My love for their culture inspired me to create this website where I can share everything Japanese with other people. Showing how amazing Japan is and sharing my love for it. Writing about my favourite bands, my favourite Japanese thing. It does not matter that I don’t know these people individually or personally , it still hits me hard to know that out there the people I admire and the culture I love are in a tragic state. It makes my heart hurt that my fellow human beings are going through such crap.

When you see things like this you realise that any minute anything can just go if God wants it to. Its a scary thought and you realise you have to try to be the best person you can be because you are not going to live forever.

I want tomorrow to be a better day for everyone in Japan. I want some good news even though I know it will take time..T_T I want to hear some good news for the people out there.

The whole word is feeling for Japan and everyone is praying so hard. On twitter and tumbler and FB everyone is out there together bonding for Japan. Their love for one country is fading the lines between them that make them different.  Doesn’t matter what colour or religion they are. What differences they have because today we are all humans feeling our sorrow for one country.  One country that had brought us so much joy in their creations.

So much crap happening around the world and you just realise how lucky you are just to be alive and well. With food, clothes and shelter when people around the world have nothing. Most people complain over stupid things and they never realise that their problem is nothing, nothing compared to people in other countries. Today everything should feel like unimportant.

Going to donate whatever I can because Prayer without action is no prayer at all. You have to work as if everything depended on you, and leave the rest to God. (Mother Teresa) You can help, so do something. Donate even a pound, anything you can because in that way you will still be doing your part.

I hope you are all safe, your loved ones are safe and everyone is safe<3

I love you Japan

(Sorry for this depressing rambling >_<) All pictures via weheartit



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