Apocalypse and Doctors

I have not written in this part for a while since last year xP The new year is suppose to be as shity as the year before . Of course I personally did not really have that many bad moments in the past year. It was not as bad as all the people effected by the disasters that struck last year. 2010 was the year of deaths and disasters.

This year it could just be the apocalypse of all the animals in the whole universe. Think am kidding seriously if you have read the news you would know that all these birds have been falling everywhere.  Apparently they have either been poisoned, struck by lighting, depressed and some because of obesity. The doves that fell in Italy apparently were overeating. Yep they died because they wanted to many sunflower seeds. How greedy are they!?…

I bet their Dove Mummies were feeding them loads. With a conversation going something like;

Oh god mum...shush!

Mummy Dove: You have to eat more. * Chews the seeds*  Your not going to get a husband like that! Your tummy has nice and soft and fat..

Baby Dove : Mummmyyyyyyy.. shush! so embarrassing!!!!!

Mummy Dove: ” Eats the sunflower seeds*  Its the truth deary my mummy said the same thing to me. The more fatter you are the more they like you…

Baby Dove: ….*covers ears* …Oh god…someone kill me right now…

Mummy Dove: Yes your father..*chokes on sunflower seed and falls down…down..down*

Baby Dove: Mummy?..O_O..

Lesson of the day: Baby doves should not listen to their mothers they should only learn how  to fly from their mummy. But on a serious not those poor doves :( and those other animals of course.

Maybe if  the apocalypse came down, Sam and Dean from Supernatural will save us xP

This how doctors look like to me..

Other then my usual Work I have not been doing so much. I must have mentioned how lazy I am. Also am a bit sick . Cough and rubbish like that. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday where I shall tell them all my troubles. I needed an earlier one but seems that it was full for a week and I had to pre-book it. Its very annoying when that happens and sometimes I know that the receptionists are lying, I mean every hour of the damn week they booked?! Gah.

I dislike doctors anyway. Yes I know doctors help ect thats not what I mean. I am scared of doctors and anything associated with touching me and checking me if am sick. I have no idea why. Dentists..ekh, hospitals ekh…

Anyway Hope you all having a great day. Sunny Sunny smiles people . Does it annoy you how perky I can be xD Always see the sunny side of everything…I swear rainbows dont come out of my butt..

Pictures via Wehearit

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