Back from Holiday

Yea I sat by the wing..

Last week I went on a holiday to Dubai. I loved it very much. I mean, yes it was super hot like being in a heater but I loved every aspect of it so much that am planning on making it my future home. xP Went for 8 days though the first day was just us flying through the skies…

You realize just how beautiful the world is when you look outside the window and you see the clouds and the sky line. It is breath taking.  I wish I could have also taken the picture of how the sky looked at night on the plane. The sky was filled with so many stars. It was amazing.

On the flight I watched half of sucker punch and half of another movie. Totally can’t remember. We got yummy cookies. Hehe. The journey was so long.  I was so tired because it was 2 hours to Amsterdam and then 7 hours to Dubai. Never been on a plane for that long and I hate flying.  I could not sleep but my sister was sound asleep as soon as the plane engines started up. >.>

Big Buildings everywhere

When we landed it was 9:00 in the morning and It was dead. It was like we were in Ghost city. Like the roads were empty, the streets were empty; no one was walking around anywhere. It was just dead. I mean yes it was 9:00 but I expected people to be out and about. When we stepped we kind of figured out why. It was just too hot. I felt like I had walked inside a sauna and I just wanted to strip. Tmi? LOL

Anywaaaay I loved our hotel. They upgraded our room and we also had the most perfect tea time with the most pettiest cakes..umm yes like a horrible blogger I did not take food pictures. >_< It is like things go through my head after Its happened. Am like those people who say things without thinking and after I have made a fool out myself I replay the whole scenario and actually think of how it could have been better played on my part.

Mostly I did shopping and looking at the beautiful people. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

the fountain in the mall was a work of art.

Most of the Malls were beautiful. The ocean itself was always blue and clear, sometimes it did not look real….

The ocean is just beautiful

I was coming out the heritage center in Abu Dhabi and these Goose (?) were just there waddling away and I just had to take a picture. They were following each other and making noses. It was like they were talking to each other haha.

OMG they were so cute! ><

Went to an Aquarium and the fishes were beautiful. Some of them glittered and some of them glowed. They looked unreal. I might be pretty old but I do love stuff like…looking at fishes and sea horses. xP

I hated coming back home and then starting work again. Wish I could go back on holiday but oh well. Honestly I have been trying to put this post up for days but my pictures need re sizing so until I do the rest of them this will have to keep you happy.

Anyway I would love to know what you all have been up to on your summer holidays. ^^


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