Burning and Beautiful Houses

I watched Bleach yesterday, OMG the new episode of the anime was so awesome and it ended so quick I cant wait for the next one. It comes out all the way on the next Wednesday!. No fair i want it now. *sulks*

Today I went with my friend to get a cake from some lady. On the way there I saw the most beautiful, amazing, gorgeous houses ever. I just wanted to run out the car and like pretend that I was interested in buying the houses so I could just look inside and just…stare in awe. *_*  I wish I took some pictures , boo…

Want to know something that always happens to me? When am super excited about something it never happens! I mean what is up with that.  =_=

So i was going to make some Lamington Cakes. They are the most yummiest yummy chocolaty cake ever.  See how delicious it looks. Well mine were going to be square and not the extra cream. I was super excited and everything and I was like to everyone “Oh my god, oh my god am going to make something!” Me!  The girl who nearly burnt the kitchen down is going to go in the kitchen and cook. Honest it is not as bad as it sounds I just made a really dumb and ditzy mistake. I feel to ashamed to tell you because I will feel even dumber. ><  Anyway..

I should never ever, ever, ever tell anyone when am doing something  I want to do because it never happens. T_T

I was looking forward to making this cake but alas I could not get the ingredients from the corner shops, so tomorrow, Sainsburys here I come! I know what I will get when I get to Sainsburys. I will get the ingredient and then see muffins and then get muffins and then see cake and then get cake and then see chocolate and get chocolate and then see …you get the idea. I have no self control ><

I hope I get to make it tomorrow, Oh my god i should not tell you guys or I cant make it tomorrow!  I am soooo hushing up now xD

Pictures Via Weheartit


  1. IceToxic says:

    lmao xD fun fun~

  2. lol yes hopefully I can make it today xD

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