Cake, Zombies and Bunnies

Birthday Celebration

I spent my birthday with one of my friends. I have a lot of friends but if you have been reading my blog you should know how anti social I am. I mean seriously people think am too hyper to be so anti social but secretly am a total hermit.

So we went shopping and went into a shop called Boots. Boots is this shop that has make-up and toiletries and stuff. There was this big line there. I asked one of the workers what is going on. She said the Clarins counter was giving out freebies!

This is what went through my head as soon as I heard the word Freebies ” Waaaaaaa free stuff!! Wooo me want!!”

So the lady (who had her hair pulled back so much her faced seemed super tight)  asked me if I wanted some and I was all like of course. She asked me all these questions about my skin and she looked at me  weirdly every time I answered. =_=

She thought I was a cute Alien xD

Hairback -“So how would you describe your skin when you wake up?”

Me– *Thinks…Beautifull..* – “Umm…dry” ( I just wanted freebies)

Hairback- ” Do you have a daily routine?”

Me – *Thinks* Please please gimme freebies* “Umm no I just put night cream on”

After I said this lady just looked at me weirdly. I mean come on does every one use toner and wrinkle creams ect?  Seems a bit of a hassle as long as you keep your skin all lovely and creamy who cares about toning and rubbish. Seriously she looked at me like I came from another planet. Psh am too young to use wrinkle creams. I only have beautiful laugh lines hehe.

Anyway Finally she put this nice soft thing on me which made my skin so nice and then I got the freebies! Wooooooooooo. It was okay it was just nice getting them because free things are nice! Do I sound greedy?…xD

We are as Pretty as this heart and as sweet

After , I was really hungry so I went to eat at this cafe. I got yummy Jacket Potato and Milkshake. Yum Yum. My friend gave me the most beautiful card in the world.  that claimed I am gorgeous Fun Fun! I also got a cake which I never wanted to cut because it looked so pretty.

I did end up cutting it but I could not eat too much because the icing was too much. *Sad*…I know the cake looks nice and you want some but you cant have any..Muhahaha.

I would not let anyone touch the rose as it was only for me. After I ate the rose I got a bit sick. Of course it was my fault I should have let someone else get sick on the

your life as a zombie

Yesterday I watched a show called Walking dead about zombies and I could not help but think what would happen if the world was taken over by zombies..who would want to eat your brain. xD Then you will become a zombie and you will have nice cycle where you eat ,sleep and do the MJ thriller dance..Just lovely :)

I don’t think they would want to eat my brain  it is not that clever and also it has too much fluff in it. Zombies only eat clever brains. So be dumb. Just kidding be clever don’t listen to me what do I know. *Coughalotcough*

Maybe you should play dead so the zombies think you are one of them. I think that might work. Its just better to be prepared even if you think you will become a zombie or zombie food. Whichever be ready.

The picture on the right will be how your cycle will be…OH my god they like to sleep a lot. Id make a great zombie as thats all I do. Sleep, Sleep and sleep eat but I don’t think I eat humans just lots of sweet things.

Watch the Walking dead if you like scary and dead things and want some tips on how to kill zombies.

I am cute dont listen to her buy me..≧▽≦

Also I wanted a bunny but then I read that the female bunnies are so aggresive and have pretend PMT and pretend that they are pregnant. The attention seeker! The male bunnies hump so then bunnies did not seem as cute as they look. ;( They such big deceivers. They should be as cute as they look. Bunnies are evil! I was warned and yet why do I still want one every time I see a cute picture..

We will take over the world with out cuteness and you shall want us to

Then at the end of the week I ended up getting a bit sick..oh well still had a good week without any zombies wanting to eat my brain..Yet.<3

Pictures via weheartit


  1. FYI: Bunnies can be spayed and neutered! I have 2 female, one male — all fixed, and very pleasant little housetrained pets they are. Well, they chew and periodically attack the dog to try to get her food. But otherwise, pleasant.

  2. Hahah sounds cute and your poor dog xP, but am sure id be terrible at training them .

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