Children and sweets

Rawr LionI know the title sounded pedo….but its not even…Honest children just like me. Trust me..=_=  Anyway lately am at home and my little cousins are staying over, all 5 of the really cute children. Who also have the habit to become super monsters at certain moments of the day. They make the house very loud and after a few days I don’t see how cute they are I just see how annoying they are. Okay they are still cute at certain time. They have this habit of making cute faces and saying cute things.

The second to last one is sitting here and looking over my shoulder. Telling his sisters what am talking about. xD I really do enjoy pulling cheeks..oh it never worked, he did not go away, his still reading. LOL The youngest one has this tiny stuffed lion which he goes to sleep with every night and says “rawr Lion to it” Talking nonsense kids are adorable.

The problem is ….they are such brats at time I just wanna growwwwwwwwl…..=_=

I just had the most delicious sweet ever. Its called sherbet lemons or rasberry. They are ultra delicious. I love sweets but then I hate the dentist. He always makes my teeth bleed. I know I should stop eating sweets but its very hard because sweets are soooo nummy!!!! But I brush my teeth twice a day so its okay and Ive stopped drinking fizzy drinks so yaaay me. Now am sure there was some chocolates in the fringe….

Pictures via weheartit

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