Clumsy Moments and Snow

my Tea wanted sugar not salt! and it was looking foward to the sugar as well..

Lately I have had a rush of really stupid blond moments.  For example two days ago I got up early for work and then I went down all sleepy eyed and put the kettle on to make my nice delicious Moroccan style Lipton tea. *_*  Lalala, Put tea bag in, water, sugar. You know the usual things. I took one sip of my tea and..OMG!!!! WHY IS IT SO BITTER!?…Seems I put salt in my tea instead of sugar….So dum..Gah

The poor tea was think;

” I am so hot right now, I need sugar, Give me sugar” And then am all sleepy and being my usual self and put salt in.Then my tea is all like ” Ahhhhh burnnnnnnnnnnnn…..*sniff sniff* *rolls eyes*

This is what my curly hair kinda looks like cept am not a blond... Surprised?xD

I always manage to do stupid things. Its like I just do things without thinking and the first rule of not looking stupid is to make sure you think no matter what. Once I was straightening hair and was like wow why is my hair not being straight? I have really curly hair by the way. Naturally they just really crazy, I tend to straighten them because if I keep them curly they hard to maintain due to the length of my hair.

Anyway I realised the dum Straighteners were not even switched on. Total Bimbo moment.

At this moment where I live its so beautiful. Its snowing xD Woo Woo! Its all nice and white and because its pretty deep I don’t really think anyone is going out so it does not have disgusting messy foot prints.

Now one thing that pissed me off is that people keep complaining about the snow. Yes I get its cold, its hard to drive, I don’t feel like going work.” Blah Blah Yada Yada yada. =_= Seriously why cant people just appreciate how beautiful it looks.  I dont care if its cold. I am so going to go out and make cute stuff in the snow.

Beautiful magical looking snow

Before I went out in my Pyjamas without wearing gloves or anything and my hands froze. I also never wore boots. xD Hehe but the snow was so nice and fluffy and soft..Sigh. So pretty…Dont you just love snow? Say yes. 😉 Anyway it got too cold and its going to snow for a few more days. But Yay snow. xD It did mess up my plans because I was planning to go watch the new Narnia movie but its okay because it will be in Cinemas for a while.

Yummy Yummy xP

I just ate yummy fruit. Lots of Pineapples, Mangos and watermelon. Utterly delicious and I also exercised.  After doing the third routine I collapsed but I kept pushing myself. Thought I was going to deflate right there and there. Ahh its hard to look fit. How do people do it!?

Smile Smile Smile,

Have an awesome day everyone and remember to smile :)

pictures via weheartit

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