Cupcakes and colors

It has been a while since I wrote a long entry here. So brace yourself because I am going to bore you with my oh so glamours life. xP

I will start uni soon so I most likely will have less places to go to because I work as well. So it will just get all busy. Most likely wont even have time to update this blog but it is all fine as I do this for fun because I enjoy it. I have had all my weekends of September booked with friends just to make use of my freedom.

I have 2 days free of the week so last Thursday, which was the 8th I went out with one my closest friends. Never had breakfast as always because am really lazy to make something. I usually just make my self oat porridge. I got a sandwich on the way and my friend is really blunt. So she complained to the women because she never changed her gloves when she was toasting my sandwich.

Excuse me. Can you please change your gloves because you will be contaminating the sandwich because you just made a ham sandwich using the same gloves.

The women’s face was priceless xD  My sandwich was yummy though. Tomato and cheese is so yummy!

I have known my friend  since we were 7. So I know how she is and enjoy her straight forward personality.

We randomly just got off the train at a random station. Trying to be different and adventurous.xP  Through out the whole train ride my chest was also hurting so badly and my friend was getting all worried like OMG Please don’t die on me!!! O_O But more about that later.

When we came off we went to a super pretty cupcake cafe. My friend was always raving about it. It was so pretty! I loved it! It was pink, girly and pretty just the way I like things. My kitchen will be like this xD I suppose in a way if I make it like that my husband will never enter such girlishness and help me with my cooking O_O oh shoot.

I had Lemon Grass tea and LA Paris cupcake.  My friend had the The New Yorker. LA Paris was a Chocolate sponge
topped with strawberry buttercream and hearts. It was so rich and frosty. If you like sweet things you will love this cupcake.  My friends was much more lighter then mine. It was a Chocolate and vanilla marble sponge topped with coffee buttercream which is perfect for my friend because she really enjoy coffee. I had a taste even though I do not like coffee. It was actually quite yummy!

The people working at the shop were so nice and sweet. Which is always a plus.

They had lots of other beverages like Hot chocolate, tea and lemonade. They also soled mini cupcakes which were so cute.  Check their site out here and visit my friends entry here. She has more pictures =)

 When I got home I had to phone the doctors because the chest pain was just too much =( They said I had a chest infection >_<

Yesterday I had a reunion with some of my religious study class people. It is so nice seeing people after some time especially when they have matured and everything is not awkward. Everyone was so pretty *_* Had a lot of laugh. ^^ I wore something besides black as well!!!

My green skirt with super bright pink top. I had to tuck it in because it was really long. I had my black leather jacket on top. Of course I have to wear one black thing! xP the fur was just for around my neck but I never ended up wearing it because it got really hot.

Now next week  I have my friends James Bond theme Graduation Party. I have my dress…which is umm black with lace. So much for trying to get more bright.

Anyway I hope all of you have had an amazing summer and I suppose most of you are back at school to. Good luck with that ^^xxxx




  1. hello again i love your site it is absolutely amazing

  2. thanks naadia :)

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