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No time!!!

My friend invited me to her Birthday Party. She sent me a text 3 days before hand and it was a fancy dress party. I literally had no time to get a good enough costume. I have always wanted to go to a fancy dress party but I always imagined me going in a Victorian style costume as I have an obsession with that era. Nice beautiful dresses with a cute parasol and fans. I would have looked amazing but instead because of the super short notice I did something totally different.

I was a cheetah. I wore printed tights with a cute black dress. I had my bow headband which had prints, and drew whiskers on my face. I got to admit I looked cute xP and I was really proud of myself for getting it together at the end.

I had my suspicions though about my friend and I felt she lied when she sent the text. She said that she never knew about it until her sister told her on Monday but

whiskers just like her.

then how could she have gotten her costume so quickly for Wednesday and let me tell you she said she ordered her costume online and she ordered it a week ago. So its not like she said in the text that she just found out. But its okay I suppose I don’t mind it has much because well…I don’t care. xD

She looked simply gorgeous. Though she invited people I don’t know as well and it was a bit awkward, I survived. So yay me!.

I am also on a diet called the Dukan diet. It is very hard word because I keep seeing everyone eat chocolate and things and all like ahhhh. gah. It sucks but what kind I do? Trying to be thin takes dedication and is…is…*cries* is hard! But I am super determined to do it! Wish me luck!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh T_T

All pictures are via weheartit

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