Oh yea totally baked!

I baked yesterday…no it never messed up. xD oh my god I did well but instead of vanilla extract I put in rose extract..whoops. It actually tasted nice because I never put so much inside. It was a yummy chocolate chip cake. I name it ChipRose. My own very personally made cake. Ha am awesome.
I personally thought it tasted nice. I made my family members try it. *coughforcecough” Anyway they said it was nice which I believe, because my family is always blunt with everything and if it tasted like dog food they would tell me..T_T *cries* so mean but I showed them I can bake…so Ha!..Ahem..anyway.

I personally think am better at cooking then baking. With cooking I can just put stuff in and taste the food and then add things to make it taste better but with baking I have to ensure its perfect before I bake it which is really hard. Baking is pretty hard and I have a real admiration for bakers. Gah I want their talent.

Pink hearts anyone?

The hard thing is measurements, who knew doing bad in  maths was a bad idea xD okay fine I knew it was bad =_= but I really really really dislike maths. Even in baking I need stupid measurements and I try to figure out how many ounces make so and so and its like a head banging job. Get a total migraine afterwards.  Anyway tell me about your baking experiments and if you are all really good at it  ..So jealous if you are lol or tell me why you dislike it so much.

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