Guilty Pleasure and Users

Oh my god oh my god I feel sick! >< I ate lots of spaghetti and now I feel super duper sick. I had yummy ice cream before xD  Its  is so yummy and tasty looking but I forgot the name. Am looking it for it…..umm umm I cant find it =( I guess I shall describe it. Think of the yummiest piece of chocolate you can think of.  On top of that a cream, white, mint or any kind you like on top, with another layer of crunchy goody chocolate heaven, with more ice cream on top and then more chocolate and then more. xD So in other words something that makes you want to diet as soon as you have had it but you feel a really guilty pleasure and you would still do it all over again.

Today was a good day. I talked to all my friends who seemed to become my mummy quite a lot these days. Very annoying ,trust me. OMG Today I realised that some friends will never ever say hello! For some friends am okay with it because they dont want anything but honest to god today, one friend (not friend)  just talked to me to ask me to find something for her. So annoying!  swear to god…Grr…=_=. User, I guess am just to nice  xD oh so I like to think anyway.

Friend: “can you look for blah blah blah”

Me: “okay”..

Me: cant find it..

Friend: Hmm, okay…

Me:*stupid (insert lots of swear words)

AND THATS IT!…That was the whole conversation! WTH

I think my Yellow Highlighter ran away……

I should try to sleep, I just stay awake and watch movies and shows …and rugrats. This picture reminds me of me.

I shall go to bed but not yet! because its not 2am yet muhahhaha…. oh am so funny i even crack myself up…Ahem..
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