Hot weather and Nice Nails

NailsI did my nails yesterday. Amazingly even with messy stripes I do believe they look amazing. I love the way they turned out the problem is what I do after such amazingness..=_= I decide to peel them off. I mean sometimes its like oh my god think! Honestly, as you can see from that picture they look pretty ace, well now I have one full hand and another hand with only 3 nails coloured.  I swear the colour is pink it just looks orange. Pink and black woooo so pretty. Is it vain that I like the look of my own nails? Oh well they look hot. xD

Lately its been so hot here my window has been kept open and I have cute little fan. The problem with both is that with the window I get all these tiny flies inside the room and the fan air is not always good its like you can never win! Heat does not help my sickness though, am always feeling hot and ekh.  I know its really hot but people here assume they can just strip naked…honestly its not a good look on some people. =_=

I WANNAA GOOOO ON A NICE BEACH!!..Okay! Am going to a nice sandy sparkly beach with a nice ice cream, the beach in my head that is. ^_~



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