I nearly died today

Today was a moment in my life that was like oh my God WTH ..WTH…WTH. I nearly died. No wait let me rephrase that I think my spirit came out my body, watched what was happening and then it went back in again. Then I opened my eyes and was like …..* panics*

It started of like any other day except I was going to go out with my friend to do some shopping. She had the car today so she is like we can just go to the shopping center. Its Good Friday today so I asked her if the shops will be open and she is like well we have the car so we can go anywhere else after.

I woke up at 8:00 to get ready. I was actually so tired I could not even put my contacts in. Anyway I got in my friends car and we talked about useless things, friends, weddings, swimming blah blah blah. I nearly fell asleep in the car and then we were both quite. All of a sudden we just span out of control. I don’t even know what the hell happen. I just remember thinking thats it I am going to die now.  So I started praying like crazy all the while all I could see is dust and just the grey block in front of us that we crashed into. In reality it all happened in less then 30 seconds but that 30 seconds felt like an hour. Total slow motion. It was not that I was scared but in the minute I thought thats it. I am not even lying about that out of body experience. I felt like I was just not present in my body and that it was all happening to someone else and I was just watching it happen.

After this moment we both were quite shaken (obviously =_=) My friend thought she had killed me. So she kept calling me and was like ” Are you okay” I replied that I was okay. She said we had to get off the road so I grabbed my bag and we went to the side just looking at the car. All her tyres looked like they were punctured and something had fallen off from the car. My friend was so shaken up she never even wore her shoes when they slipped off.  My head was just blank.

I cant believe I never took pictures but we were in a moment of shock and we were really not thinking stright. This guy on the bridge above us started to take lots of pictures. The jerk >.> he just happened to have a camera with him and it looked like a professorial style camera. Asshole never even asked us if we were okay. Psh the professionalism of some photographers! xD

Now there is many things that happened next that made me realize that we were the most luckiest people alive and I cant thank God enough for it. No really. I know we nearly died but we never. There were many factors that suddenly became apparent as we tried to gather our thoughts.

  • We were driving on a really busy motorway. While we were driving there were a lot of cars but when we span out of control there was no one there. We could have been in serious trouble and caused a lot  of accidents >_<
  • We had our seatbelt on which saved us from getting killed and flying through the windows.
  • When we went over to stand on the side of the road you wont believe our luck. A Nurse actually pulls up. Like for real. It just happened that she was driving along just when it happened and she checked up on us. She was so sweet but I was just nodding away, Like yeah am okay when really I was just like wth!
  • I have never had so many people stopping their car asking us we are okay. It was really sweet because they never even knew us. They asked us if we needed help, a lift, or if we were okay. It was just really nice :3 Besides this young jerks who were like can you not see.  I was like. *censored* O_O

The Nurse gave my friend the emergency contact numbers and we waited for the Emergency accident and the ambulance to come so they could check up on us. At that moment none of us really felt any pain. We were just like what just happened? The emergency accident people came and they took my friends car away. It was a total wreck. They could not find the front wheel anywhere. It seemed that could have been the source of our accident. The wheel fell off somewhere and when my friend tried to break the wheel just started to spin.

The ambulance came. They were so nice. I nearly broke down and started crying. I was so shaken up. They took our blood pressure and asked us questions. They were so nice T_T

My friend kept saying sorry. She felt so bad. She kept saying it a lot and I had to hug her after because she cried. She kept insulting herself saying she is so stupid. I told her it was not her fault. Non of us saw this happening. She never lost control of the car. It was the car that messed up. It lost the wheel she is a perfectly great driver. She even apologized to my mum after. She also says she will never drive again.

The ambulance took us to the nearest hospital where we had to wait for 3 hours. We gave up on checking up because we felt okay then so my friends dad came to pick us up and drop me off home. Now I kind of regret not getting checked up at the hospital because everything is starting to hurt so badly. I cant believe this day even happen.  You know you wake up you think it is going to be a normal day and when you least expect it you nearly die.

All I can say is Thank you God for keeping me save because I know it could have been much more worse.

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  1. My_SkY_High says:

    I don’t know if i’m allowed to comment since it’s a personal blog but i’ll do it anyway =P
    Thank god u didn’t die or are hurt, where would i find any good song otherwise lol
    no srsly, am really glad you’re not hurt^^
    Stay away from cars x)

  2. Of course you are allowed to comment xP Aww Thank you hehe <3 boo I know I will have to stay away from cars for a bit >_<

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