I saved the drowning Kitchen!

So it was really early, about 6:00, about 26 minutes ago. I got up to go to the toilet..ahem and I was like “Oh my god!!!” and looked down and saw…,  not what your thinking. Tut tut what a dirty mind LOL

am saving the world..aka the kitchen..

am saving the world..aka the kitchen..

Anyway I looked down on the floor tiles and realised there was water everywhere. I got all panicky..(really panicky am a drama queen)  and told my parents and went down and saw the kitchen was flooded.  It was like oh my god! Okay it was not so bad but it could have been if I had not woken up. So yep, I saved the day. I am superman!!!

I just wanted to tell you all about my triumph. Now praise me about how good I did…Thank you Thank you.  Thoughts at this time are just weird, feel free to ignore me…I shall go back to sleep and most likely regret the loony stuff I said when I wake up.

Taraa people. <3

..So need to save something? give me cash and I will xD..jk

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