Love and Bleach

I read this list today of why men break up with their girlfriends, some of the things are understandable but..seriously! I mean breaking up because she was funnier then you?! wow..So lame (By Jane Hoskyn) I only put in the lame ones and a few understandable ones. xD

“I was on the phone to a girl I’d been seeing for a few weeks. We got into a disagreement about something trivial, and she hung up on me. I was furious – it was like she’d hit me in the face. I never rang her again.”

“She always wore foundation on her face, including first thing in the morning. Her skin was fine underneath it – a couple of spots but nothing major. But she had this compulsion to wear foundation. It was massively unsexy.”

“I cooked her a curry one night and she only ate a tiny bit because she was on a diet. Dumped.”

“She had actual conversations with her cat while I was there.”

love“I dumped my ex as soon as she started acting like more of a lad than I did. I’ve nothing against swearing as such, but it’s not nice if a girl swears all the time. It made her seem thick.”

“She ironed my boxer shorts.”

“She cut her beautiful hair short.”

“She pointed out that I’d put on weight.”

“My girlfriend stopped keeping any secrets from me. It was like I’d become her best female friend, and she told me everything – things her mum said, period pains, workmate stuff. Too much information for me.”

“She was funnier than me.” (O_O)

Pills “She never bought me dinner. At first I wanted to pay for our dates because it made me feel like more of a man, but there comes a point where you want her to stump up too. It never happened.”

“Her bed was covered in cuddly toys.”

“She had a dog and she always smelt a little bit of him.”

“She told me off for answering my phone at dinner. People around us could hear her moaning at me.”

“My previous ex had dumped me out of the blue. I was completely over it, but I was worried that my new girlfriend would do the same, so I finished with her first.”

cutting hair “She could never remember anything that happened in films we’d seen together, but she remembered every single incriminating thing I’d said during arguments.”

“She bought a pink phone.”

“She slurped her tea.”

“Her mum friended me on Facebook. The only way I could get around the friend request was to dump my girlfriend.”

….People like this exist? Really? Like I know women are annoying but this makes me laugh at men a lot. Sorry xD  Personally important reasons should be something like ” she constantly stuffs chocolate in my mouth” okay maybe not.  But really guys are really very picky? I never knew that, I actually thought they thought about things more open mindedly then women. Oh my god look at me bashing my own sex O_O. Personally I have seen horrible behaviour from men and women especially in college. One of my friends used to make the guys chase after her and once they got her she ignored them. One of the guys I used to know used to cheat on his girlfriend with like 2 or 3 girls.  =_= Tut..Tut

Anyway I watched the new episode of bleach! oh my god! oh my god! It was so awesome I just was all like wide eyed while watching it! It was just so awesome for once in his life the main character actually looked cool and was awesome..*swoons* I was like all waa. Oh god am such an otaku.

You know I have just been working today. My life has such a relaxing cycle. Like that picture except not only on the weekends. Its like everyday and just add a few work and stuff in there and my days are done.  Awesome or what!? Not. Going to go holiday in a few weeks, I cant wait to look at nice dresses but first its getting that nice weight I want to be. So much fun! I cant wait, I hope its good. *crosses fingers” <3

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