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Why do you think people are mean? Is there a certain reason or do you think that people  just cannot be nice?

Sometimes when I talk to people there are moments when I wonder if they really mean what they say. That is the worse thing about talking to another person. You can never tell if they are actually being sincere or if they are messing around with you. Oh I do dislike people who do not be straight forward with me. I also dislike dishonest people.

I try to never lie. Yes random times there is that tiny white lie that slips out but usually am so bad at lying to someone that I never bother doing it. It is no surprise I am extremely bad at joking.

This is a totally random post, I know. But I just wonder about people. Why is it so hard for people to be nice? Why is it a cool thing to be a jerk or a bitch especially when you dont even know the person sometimes? Why am I asking so many questions? lol.

Meh worse thing is that people never tell you what they actually think. When they do tell you, its in a way where they end up coming across as really impolite. There is a way to tell someone how you feel without coming across as a rude ,arrogant and unpleasant person.  Honesty is always a good thing if done correctly and with the intention of not hurting anyone.

No nothing happened xD. I just like watching people and how they behave. We humans are fascinating. We try so hard to make other people happy, to come across as a better person. To fit in that we never actually realize that it damages our standards with the people who actually care about you. The people who genuinely what to get to know the person you are and not how you appear to people.

I wish people could be how they really are with me. I tend not to judge people because I always try to remember that maybe that is how they are. You always have to accept people for who they are because we all desire that everyone would accept all of us, our flaws and all. Even things we do not like about ourselves, you hope someone out there would really accept you for the person you are. So I would love it if people would stop lying to me and stop being something they are not.  I also wish people were better at communicating with me and ask me things.

You know when you are walking on the street and someone keeps looking at you. Then you get a bit uncomfortable and wonder if there is something on your face, or something else? At that moment  don’t you wish you could read their mind so you would know why they are looking at you? Sometimes its not even that they are not looking at you but it would’nt it be nice if you could tell what they are thinking?  That’s how it is with people. You wish you could stop assuming so they themselves would just tell you whatever they are thinking about you without you ,yourself thinking they actually hate you and ending up assuming lots of things that put your mood down.

Yeah… have a good day^^

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  1. IDK, why ppl these days have became such wild! I’m afraid of going out of home, everywhere there are animals in the cover of human. I can’t trust anyone. It seems that ppl like to hide their true faces n then tear u into pieces. I wonder how ppl have changed totally in this way!

  2. hahah i like your contrasts xP

  3. Thanks for this, i enjoyed reading it and so here is my two cents.

    I believe that all people are fundamentally honest, like yourself, it just happens to be eeasier to be mean than than it is too be open and bare your honest feelings. Given that I like to believe that even if people are mean to others they will, sooner or later, feel guilty for it and the guilt of having hurt someone else is worse than the anger of having been hurt by another. This means that the person This means the person suffering the most is probably the person being mean rather than their victim.

    In conclusion, they aren’t being mean because they want to but because they cant help it. After all, are you really always honest with others? Do you always share your honest thoughts and your true feelings? Humans are fickle creatures, so they shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

  4. Hmm that made me think. lol Thank you, your comment its lovely. I suppose if I had to tell the truth am not always open with my feelings and don’t always bother saying what I think. Hence why I have a blog.xP Easier to write then tell someone Just think people should not take out their feelings on other people. Meh. I guess I should not take them seriously. We humans really are silly. .

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