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Present for you..^_^

This last few weeks watched some of the latest movies. Harry Potter and the new Disney movie Tangled. Oh my god I enjoyed it so much especially Harry Potter. I simply love Harry potter, am a bit of a nerd about it. I could quote part of the books due to the fact that I have read them so many times. I really never understood people who actually have not tried reading the book. I love it too much. The movie was simply amazing. Much more better then the past movies. It actually did the books justice. After the second movie I kind of gave up on them but this one was very much my best movie. I am so upset its going to end =( Also I hate how the play the Hermione and Harry love =_=

Come over here! You lover boy!

Tangled was really good. So cute oh my god I want to be her!  Her hair was so nice and I want to be Rupunzle!  My hair is not actually short at all..lets just its what most people would consider quite long. But I want hair sweeping the floor, gold and soft as feather. It can be my weapon! Ill flick it here and there and when someone wants to kidnap me or something I will just whip them with the hair really hard that they go flying across the other side. ” Swish Swish” and like the princess maybe I can go swinging everywhere with it like Tarzan. But I always wonder that it must kill because her hair is most likely pulling so badly. I scream even when someone pulls my hair so she must be wincing all the time.

Wrapped in my beautiful hair.. ahh pain!

The main male character, Flynn was so handsome. Is it wierd that I find cartoon characters attractive?  Seriously he was really not some sappy prince he was a cool, humorous man who was not a Prince. Yep I fancied him..O_O  He also had the most funniest faces.

Other then watching good movies I have started a lot of work. Now every time I talk about work to someone. This is the kind of conversation I usually get;

not a slacker but not a worker

Me: Ahhhh Work!!! I feel so lazy and I just want to sleep!

PaC (person am complaining to) : But you get Money! Then you can be more rich!

Other PaC: Your just a lazy person who does not think of anything else besides Kpop, Jpop, Sleeping and Food O_O

Other Other PaC: Lazy butt you got work! Instead of sitting on butt all day you have something to do!

Other Other Other PaC: Now you Know how I feel…O_O

total airhead

Seriously am glad I do work but on the other hand its a shame that this is all I will be doing my whole life. People will always be working, making money, this is really what their lives are. My dream is to actually travel the world. But if I was to think logically, me being a person who feels suffocated with lots of people may do well on her own but then me being an airhead will end up getting lost..>_<

Can you imagine if I got lost and I ended up in some other world? Maybe some alternative universe ( I watch a lot of Fringe) or maybe I will end up in Atlantis! That would be amazing! It would happen something like this in my head..

saaaaaaaaave meeee!

I am walking across some random country where I get lost in some forest kind of thing with lots of random rocks and animal and tiny exotic insects..(still ekh)and then all of a sudden I slip and fall down to a very long waterfall and everything goes blank. Then I wake up and find myself surrounded by these people who very much still live in the olden days because duh they have not come out into the real world because they know people will experiment on them and stuff like that.

Anyway all the people are utterly beautiful and cool but very old fashion and they have weird glow on their skin. They dont let me go because no one is ever allowed to leave Atlantis but then I dont mind. Except one day I get tierd of living their and try to escape but then they lock me up and this atlantian helps me escape and I never tell a soul what happen to me. I also leave with some of their stuff and become rich magically and then one day I go to visit back but I cant ever find the place and leave the thing I stole near a random waterfall…


Id travel in style

Gosh that was good so copyrighting it xD Anway besides that nothing really else happen. Except it snowed but not enough to make a snowman =(

Hope all your weeks went well <3


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