My Good and Bad qualities

So cute and adorable

Am sure everyone has qualities that they like and dislike about themselves. Sometimes you try not to get rid of your qualities because people find them annoying but then its just how you are so you cant help it. Anyway this is my list.

Good Qualities

So this list I asked my friends about it. I could not think of good things besides like a few. I suppose this means am not as vain or arrogant as I thought.  I also think this list is biased because they good friends and they just being nice. xP

  1. Am apparently quite nice *cough*

    So very girly

  2. I can keep secrets pretty well
  3. Usually hyper and cheerful
  4. I can be helpful
  5. Am good company..(lool friends usually talk out of their butts)
  6. Not so fussy
  7. Am super girly! (what? its a good thing=) hehe)
  8. I can forgive people pretty quickly but…

Bad Qualities.

Pretty easy to list these.

  1. but..I hold a grudge.
  2. Bad at listening
  3. Forget things
  4. oh yea am loud as well xD


  5. When am emo, am super emo
  6. Can get in a very angry mood if someone annoys me.
  7. Very Childish and Immature
  8. Really bad at keeping in touch and socialising
  9. Am quite slow, I never get jokes or get anything really.
  10. Can be a super bitch (pish posh am so nice, this is just what people say)

Am sure there are more in both these list but I cant remember them. Its so easy to do discuss other peoples bad points and good points sometimes but when you look at yourself its much more harder. So in a way no one really know how they really are. What are your good and bad points. =)

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  1. Rosie you don’t like burdening others with your problems. That’s another good point (though I wish you’d talk more sometimes <3). You're also focused. You get your goals done. And you're strong too, smiling even when in pain. <3 Lotsa love to ya~ xox

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