No Tan and Pretty Nails

Nice pretty golden

Its been a long time, I know. xD Its been about a week since I came back from holiday and yep no tan for me. Honestly I wanted a nice golden tan like I got the first time I came back from holiday. It was sooo pretty and golden and looked amazing and yes just wow but alas when Iwent to Turkey this year and it was thundering….

I dislike thunder, I don’t mind rain.  I actually like the rain especially at the moment when am in the mood where I really just want to get drenched but thunder is a completely different thing. For one thing it loves to make lots of loud roaring noises. =_= Its very scary when you are sleeping at night and this loud noise wakes you up. I am not a wimp even though right now I sound like one >_< but flashing in the sky and the sky roaring like a lion was not where  I was going to get a tan.

Waa pretty

Besides thunder I loved Turkey. I mean it was really beautiful, all the history, their rich culture, the people, the food and just everything. Its a place that I would not mind living in. The things we saw at times were really breathtaking. Especially the holy places, they were so beautifully constructed. Oh and another thing…The people they are phuwa! They are very good looking especially the women. So elegant and so trendy. Must be something to do with the water.

Mine was all over

Anyway besides that Ive just been busy with uni work but oh my gosh I did my nails soo pretty and they shine and I just love typing because they glitter quite a bit. Ha! …Oh dear I sound vain but oh my gosh. So pweety.. *swoons* …(I never really)

The glitter is not really nail glitter..I umm…used my MAC pigment “3D silver” and just on wet silver nails I put them on. Even though my nails look awesome with glitter my bed does not xD

Pictures via wehearit

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