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Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to my fantastic self...Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaay to meee

Its going to be my birthday tomorrow. Am just putting it out there of course am expecting presents. Am hoping a mansion, a few millions, cute cat or hamster or a cute pet anything cute that is totally tiny will do =) , Black Berry bold all bejewelled and stuff. I also need my Dior Hypnotic perfume..it finished and that’s the only perfume I like using =(  I would also like  many other things,  there is this long list coming up…

  1. THIS THIS THIS I want THIS!!!!! NOW!!!...

    A Smile from a stranger

  2. Pink cloud
  3. A Louis Vuitton dress the fall one with the full skirt thingy
  4. Lots of shoes
  5. A walk in closet
  6. A farm
  7. A personal star with my name
  8. One slice of pizza
  9. A hug from a big teddy bear
  10. Special meal made by Nigella Lawson
  11. Sweet Shop
  12. The sun on me all the time
  13. An I pad with lots of pink crystals around it
  14. Ring..With a pink heart shaped Diamond
  15. Lots of books
  16. No get a big room full of books
  17. ….

Give me anything and Ill be happy except lame things, and stinky things and food...and yea..

Just kidding I couldn’t care less. Lots of people have asked me what I want for my birthday, I mean when people ask me that question, Nothing ever pops in my head. I believe if you know me pretty well you should know what I like. I am unpredictable but you know, if you want to get me a present please do know me pretty well. And if you dont know me I wouldent expect you to get me a present and if you want to regardless get me anything.  I would be so happy if people would stop asking me what I wanted and just get something. I always keep my presents even if I dont like them and I always try to appreciate them even though am a total clutz and sometimes things just kind of break…Total butter fingers.

OMG yes I know about this and am so freaking excited! * bangs head because of excitement*

One of my friends got me season 4 of Supernatural. Now if anyone knows me really well,  there is nothing I talk about more then my favourite TV show. I got the whole box set from season 1-3 and I watch it again and again. So its like woo woo happy.

I have this other friend who has known me much more longer and has no idea what to get me. This is every single year.  Even though she has known me for like ever. Its kind of annoying and I mean I  appreciate she wants to get me something you know. Maybe I really am unpredictable but if you cant decide what to get me dont get anything because I dont celeberate my birthday…So I could not care less.

Am I being stupid and making a big deal? Yes maybe but that’s how I feel. :/ Its hurtful to when your own friends cant decide what to get you.. Surprise me.

I swear I never had what she had..So Innocent *cough*

ANYWAY...  even though I am going to be old..I got asked for  my ID when I wanted to buy some DVDs! Ninja Assassin if your curious. . I do not look young!  And bloody no way under 18 -_- The ladies like oh its not an insult. I was thinking :

“Are you frigging kidding me!? I cant buy DVDs?! I mean I am so above 18,'”

It bloody, was not like it was alcohol or something. I mean age 18 DVDs are nothing have you seen what they show at age restriction 15? Total boobage alert like in most 15 rated movies and full on swearing. Blah

I was  like oh my gosh in a very shocking way about the ID thing. When I was quite young I always used to get told I look very old for my age but now that am older everyone is all like I look young?! I can never win. I remember once someone mistaken me for being in my late 20s and I was only about 16. I was like WTF . Yea am tall for my age blah blah but seriously it was kind of hurtful. She also said it in such a rude way. So annoying. Maybe I will look younger as I get older and I if I ever see that person I can be like,

Yay young....Noooooooo am melting! My skin waa it burns.. Said the candle

‘” Oh…You are  35 really? Oh my gosh I thought 59, havent been looking after yourself have you?”‘

So Bitchy LOL I would not really say that am a total wimp but I would totally be smirking if that really happen. As I always say Karma sucks. And if you ever say anything mean to anyone or be totally horrible it will always bite you on your butt. This is why I try to be nice but also I say what I think without trying to hurt people and if I do hurt people then maybe they are more sensitive then me. And trust me I am so sensitive but I can sometimes take criticism. Though sometimes I dont say a word and storm off.xD Yep I can pull a major dramatic tantrum.  Total Dramaqueen.

I am So so so Fabulous and...well I guess so are you for reading all this <3

Then again I dont talk to people so much. Best to keep out of peoples ways. People can be very cruel and mean. Yes, I can never be bothered with people which is funny because am writing on the internet where loads of people can see what am writing


Anyway am going to eat now. I had lovely beetroot  ( Dont eww me, Its so yummy) and so now I am going to have proper yummy food..I actually dont know what mummy has made.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

Happy Halloween Have lots of fun



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