Pain and Virus

morningSo Today  am all yawny because I woke up super early! I woke up at 8. I never wake up at 8. Am ashamed to say this but I am the kind of person who wakes up in the afternoon >< Honestly not everyday but still.  I was not feeling so well that’s why I woke up super early.  I have done lots of important things today..umm I solved peoples problems! and I umm..helped my sister and stayed out of everyone’s way by sitting on my bum all day. xD

Oh my god today a girl sent me a virus on MSN! I was like oh…it says click and me being a very silly person clicked on it…and…and then OH MY GOD!!!!!  Something happen and everyone on my bud list got the same virus. I was like “Nooooooooo!!! Oh my god everything is going to go! All my friends will hate me because they think I gave them a virus and and ….:O”  I did all that virus thing and research and I think I took it out….hopefully. *fingers crossed* Okay that was rather dramatic of me. It did not really happen like that. I mean, yes, the girl gave me the virus and all but I did super quick thinking (surprisingly) and did all that virus check and I was not thinking people would hate me. I dont know if I actually care if I did because it would sooo not have been my fault.

I’ve been helping my friends with their problems lately and also friends friends. O_O .I hope I actually do help them. I can be to blunt and tell them exactly what I think which sometimes may be the most stupidest or the most logic advice ever given.  Sometimes its funny people ask you for advice but when you need them they are to busy lucky for me am glad I have a few awesome people who actually care for me even when am having my super moody  hulk moods.  Yay for family and good friends! ^_^

Btw…I made something because I could not make Lamingtons. You do not want to see the picture am all very waaa about it. Trust me you don’t want to instead you can all look at this deliciously wonderful cake that you wish you can make and eat a thousand times. xD  Dont you just want to numnum it? OMG!  I think the cake that I made kind of looks like this! Yea right! Its super late and am delusional and dreaming . =)

Pictures via wehearit


  1. Fortuna says:

    That cake looks very sweet. Yum! >3< And yes, some people want to see your lovely creation xD.

  2. Pharmacy technician job description says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  3. Lol, glad u like it.

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