Random things about me

  1. creepy...so creepy

    I am scared of dolls. Not Barbie dolls but those porcelain dolls. They just so creepy looking and sometimes I think they going to come alive and just kill me in my sleep or something.

  2. Clowns are also stupid
  3. No am not scared of them…….maybe a bit.
  4. When I was young I took swimming lessons in school and I nearly drowned
  5. I used to go through phases when I was young. I was a goth and a tomboy. Now am to girly for anyone to even imagine me being those things
  6. I have dyed my hair blue, streaked it green and pink but now its a normal dark brownish almost black.
  7. I want blond hair but think I will look horrible in it.
  8. I hate Oreo’s. They taste bland
  9. I also don’t like peanut butter.
  10. I like to dip my biscuit in my tea. I know it is disgusting but I think it tastes yummy especially when its a chocalate biscuit. xD
  11. I believe in God
  12. I love being a girl
  13. I am forever trying to lose weight…
  14. but I love to eat..
  15. Want to be a model, a journalist, fashion designer, an entrepreneur,  makeup artist. Am actually studiyng psychology ..lol
  16. I rarely tan even though am really pale. I also never burn in the sun.
  17. My Favorite color is Red but I mostly wear Black.
  18. I hate  people that are too good. They annoy me. Even in movies I will be the weird one who likes the bad guy.
  19. In high school I cheated on my French exam. The girl next to me kept hiding her answers though so it was really hard to cheat. >.>
  20. I love people who speak in languages I don’t understand. It is pretty sexy
  21. I love men in suits.
  22. I read a lot
  23. I wear glasses but I also like to wear different colored contact lenses.
  24. My birthday is on November 1st
  25. People think I ignore them but the truth is I am sometimes to busy day dreaming.
Write something about yourself in the comments. Maybe something unique or just anything. ^^


  1. 1. I am scared of the dark.I ‘m not sure why but when I’m staring into the darkness I feel like a hand is going to emerge out of nowhere and touch me >_<.
    2. I have hair that has a mind of its own.It curls whenever it wants to and it gets straight without me having to straighten it. That goes against my plans sometimes.
    3. When I was a kid, I used to wear my mom's heels all the time even though they were big for my feet.Now that I have grown up,I lost my passion for heels and hate when I have to wear them.
    4. I am also forever trying to lose weight xD but food is great and I cannot resist it Dx.
    5. When I see something in a shop I like, I nag for my parents to get it.The moment I have it I stop wanting it =/.I'm still trying to work on that though :P.
    6. When someone is staring at me, I pretend that I don't know they are staring.The moment they stop staring I start staring at them o.o..
    7. If I am in the sun for more than an hour I become toasted and as red as a Thanksgiving turkey o-o.
    8. I hate it when people use my stuff but I like using everyone's stuff 😛
    9. I love wearing bright colors but I rarely do. I look better in dark colored clothes.
    10. When I look at makeup, I feel like buying the whole stand,but if I got any makeup I don't like using it.It feels nicer when I just stare at it o.o
    11. I always used to imagine myself a character in an anime I like.
    12. I never sing in the shower.
    13. I love eating exotic food that has too much spices.
    14. I only cheated once in my whole life on a computer exam because I hate computers 😛
    15. When I read I imagine myself one of the characters and I zone out of this world so whoever wants something from me has to scream so that I snap out of it 😛

  2. omg i love your list!

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