Shopping and crowds

yep all day...

So I like clothes, make-up, jewellery and all the other girly things but I hate shopping!!!! Oh god how I hate shopping, when I say I like shopping I mean I like looking at things and stuff I hate going in shops and trying on clothes, standing around, walking around and ekh people…Oh…oh noo I just realised why I hate shopping! Its those crowds. I hate people. Okay not like “oh I hate people” and you know eww eww people but I hate crowds. Too many people annoy me. I feel suffocated and all these people looking and like walking and they like pigeons! See I am so anti social. Oh God.. I shopped for like the whole day.. *dies*

I went shopping today to get things for myself except I ended up getting more things for my sister. Am going on holiday on the 22nd and I mean I still haven’t got my holiday clothes….Oh no am so dead.>_<

I had the worse leg pain when I came back but then I tried what I got and I decided I looked pretty damn good so I felt a bit better…teeeny weeny bit. xD

Yes so thats all I did now am going to watch! Bleach, dramas, Lie to me and burn notice wooo fun fun! xD


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