Summer Vacation

having drinks by the pool

Its so hard to actually think of a subject to talk about in my personal section of the blog sometimes.  Usually my personal posts are about lots of random things which go from one subject to another. But meh it is all so my special readers get to know more about me.  xD

It is  that  time of the year where my family start to discuss where we will go for Summer. Last year I went Turkey and like a failure blogger I forgot to bring my laptop with me so I could not post updates and pretty pictures for you but I promise you this year where ever we go I will take major picture’s. So you can experience my holiday with me!

Am trying not to be excited about the holiday for so many reasons…

  1. When you are excited about something it is never good because it goes bad O_O
  2. We may not get to go because  Grimsvötn volcano in Iceland decided it would erupt and God knows how long it will be like that for.  By the way how do you even pronounce that name?!
  3. I don’t have that perfect beach body yet ..

would love to look like them

Which is actually getting there but I want to look perfect. Meh but dont know where we are going yet. Do any of you have summer plans?

I was looking for flights yesterday and I found an amazing good deal. Phone the company up later and they like “We don’t have that deal” Its like umm it is on your website you idiots. Honestly why put things on your website if you don’t have the deal. Remove the dumb things. >.> Next time I checked the website they had removed the deal. Do you see what they did. I found a deal to good to be true and they realized! So they deprived me of it! Evil I tell you!!!

Besides that I watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean with my friend and sister two days ago . I enjoyed it mainly because of the mermaids and the hot people…Phillip and Syrene <3 Fell in love with both of them.

My favorite couple.

And my  friend said that when we went Pizza Hut after the movie the waitress was checking me out.  It was not good for my ego that a girl was checking me out >.> Am really stupid and slow when it comes to realizing when people like me or are checking me out.

*gives u rock* Its hard stick-shaped boiled sugar numnum,…Ill regret eating this after..O_O

Hope all your days were good and you got checked out by people as well ^^

All pictures via weheartit

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