Super rant!

I am so pissed off right now. Do any of your do reunions? Anyway so am in uni right now and high school was quite a long time ago. I went to a really small private school. There was like less then 30 people in my class. There were 10 of us in my group. We were the silly loud ones. We promised we would meet up every so often.

We did but there was always a few people who made excuses. Today was the day of the reunion. One my friend messaged everyone a few weeks before hand so they could keep the date free…and today everyone decides to drop out because they have “other things to bloody do” like oh I do not know. Like wth grrr It is the weekend. None of them have work hell its at 7:00 in the evening. From 10 people only 5 people are coming. >.> AM I being silly? I dont care if I am.

It is the last time we will be seeing some of them because they are getting married. I understand if they dropped out for something important like I don’t know someone passing away or like I cant even think am pissed off. lol

In this way it shows who actually gives a crap. I just have to learn to keep my mouth shut the next time I see them or I might just say how I feel…hmm maybe I should not keep it shut.. xD


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