Valentines day

benefit lipstick do tell

benefit lipstick do tell

Hope you are all well. I went shopping! With my friend and I actually brought things. I must have told you that I dislike shopping but surprisingly I really enjoyed it with her. I suppose with the right friends  you can have fun doing things you even hate. I spent most my money on makeup. This lady put this beautiful pink lipstick on me. Its not totally bright, it was like a nice tone. Lol because you know nice tone tells you what kind of colour it was haha. Anyway the picture on the

Got a blusher 2

right is the tone and it looks really nice. I also brought a blusher and this other nude lipstick. I brought this storage case from Muji it makes all my makeup look so neat! I ended up wanting another one.

My room is what you call a mess. There is lots of things everywhere but its always hard to get rid of things. Like how can you get rid of stuff ? Like just the other day I was cleaning my draws out and I found this old english book from high school. It was a review of Shakespeare 12th Night.  It was sooo neat and I did all these cute hearts and stuff like Viola loves Orsino and I did all these cute things and it just looked really nice. My writing was actually decent as well so I could not bear to throw it away. This is with nearly everything. Its so hard to throw things away. Dont you guys ever find it hard to throw things away? Hard to be organised.

This is how organised I should be.

Valentines day is coming up soon. Not that I have any reason to celebrate and if I did I suppose I would not either. Because you know its just some random day where people give presents.  I would like one everyday even if its not Valentines day xP  I actually find it quite cute even though I have no interest in it. So here are some ideas for that day if you are with someone or your not.

Bake something super cute for someone else or yourself. Like these lovely Golden hearts (click)  or Raspberry Marshmallow (click) They are so cute and delicious looking and its the effort that will count so you know even if they taste disgusting its okay xD. If they for you don’t feel guilty its your day as well!

Souce: Humble Pie:

Go to the place where you had your first date. It will be like going down memory lane.  Will be really cute.  If you don’t have a date go somewhere where you could not go when you were with someone.

Make a cheesy poem or give them a card. You can also give your ex a card as well if he was a total jerk xD

Empty inside 2

and burn.

That is all I could think of lol. Event though I dislike it I like atmosphere of it all. With the hearts and love and cute things everywhere its hard not to get sucked in. Hope you will have a wonderful valentines day. Remember you don’t need someone else to make a day special, you can make it wonderful by being happy and being yourself so don’t get depressed and sad. XP

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