Weird moods and sick.

sexy nerdEver felt like studying at the most weirdest time?  Like at 1 in the morning? That’s how I feel right now and the other bizarre thing is the fact that I hate studying and I’ve studied so much today.  Its like when I actually want to work or do something and I don’t even need the motivation, Its like I want to do it. Oh my god I think being sick has made me a nerd…or maybe I was already one. I make a hot nerd. *wink wink* Muhahaha…ha. ” Now I shall contaminate you all with my geekyness, Behold!!!” ..Oh yea and it also made me more weirder. >_<

I have really not done anything today, besides study, hoover and Oh yes! Play the Wii fit plus. xD It is like soooo awesome. Okay I haven’t completely played it or whatever but I looked through it and I cant wait to go on it and get toned. Of course Ill still have to go to my pilates class which I have not gone to like twice because I was sick. I swear its not an excuse though when my friends ask me if I want to go somewhere and I say sorry *cough cough* am sick. They think am making excuses or something =_=

Anyway I really must start that super summer great body achievement thing. You know because I really want a body like Blake Lively. (In my dreams) I mean just look at her. Perfect curves in the bloody right place. boo boo me envying super bad style.

Oh my god talking about Blake Lively, How OMFG was the gossip girls ending and the Fringe ending. Like woah, they so know how to keep us hooked on to the show. Such awesomeness. *_*

Waaaa!!  I just coughed and it pulled in my stomach. Totally owwieness I swear I hate being sick. Hope I get better soon, which I kind of am so woohooo.

Lately I have been looking at lots of cooking shows and looking at people cook and I really want to eat when I look at people make yummy stuff. Damn you Nigella Lawson. T_T She makes the most delicious things I have ever seen in my entire life. Just to torture all of you guys too here is a lovely dovley picture of  one of her cakes..Heheh.  No wait..lots of them. xD

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  1. Hahaha! Nice blog! I would love to know how you did on the wii fit plus! Get better soon! Look forward to hearing more from you!

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