What I did today

My legs are hurting so much right now =( I think it may be because I ran kinda fast and walked so I would not miss the train and well lets just say I always trip over my own feet >_< am really clumsy lol.

I had lots of fun shopping though xD I got a gorgeous silk green maxi skirt. It is so pretty. *_* You know when you get pretty things it makes you feel pretty hehe. :)

I am going to wear it with maybe a white top and a blazer..or summut. Am trying to wear bright colours now. I have habit of wearing black all the time.

I also got a super bright pink lipstick! omg its so pink I love it!!!! It is called tropical pink so you get the idea how bright it is.

That is really all I did today. Oh and having delicious salad at Pizza express. Today was a good day. ^^ What did you guys get up to? Hope it was lovely as well ^^



  1. I saw this peachy red coloured lipstick on this one girl today and thought ‘That’s the colour I want!’ The skirt sounds nice and I think it would look good with a purple top for some reason. xD

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